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Briar Rose by Jane Yolen is a heart-wrenching story of Sleeping Beauty intertwined with the horrors of World War II. The novel contains all the elements of the classic Sleeping Beauty: the castle, thorns, princess, and a tale of death and awakening from eternal sleep. Yolen compared a story that /5(3).

Briar Rose by Jane Yolen - The book Briar Rose follows closely with the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Becca Berlin’s grandmother, Gemma, was being held in a secret concentration camp called Chelmno.

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Briar Rose Essay Briar Rose is centred on one woman’s Holocaust experience intermixed with the fairy-tale, Sleeping Beauty. Jane Yolen creates a fractured version of the tale through the use of fairy-tale elements such as a prince and the curse of a long sleep which are used to connect the readers to the horrors of the extermination camp Chelmno.

Briar Rose has an authentic narrative structure as two parallel stories of the Holocaust and Brair Rose are intertwined and told simultaneously. The novel incorporates Gemma’s version of the fairytale which is a metaphor for her own life and experiences during the holocaust.

Essays and criticism on Jane Yolen's Briar Rose - Critical Essays.

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